What is No-Shave November?

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Taking a break from some of our more female-inspired discussions surrounding Dr. Bishop’s practice, as a leading plastic surgeon in Utah County, we hope to bring some awareness to men’s health issues by highlighting the annual No-Shave November awareness campaign. If you are unfamiliar with the cause, men forego shaving for the month as a way to bring added awareness to men’s health challenges, such as prostate and testicular cancer, depression, heart disease, and low testosterone (low-t).  

Just for men? 

Women are embracing the trend as well and not shaving their legs (and some choose to abandon shaving their armpits), although once the cold season sets in, I know plenty of women who happily reduce their leg shaving. Now, they have a reason that they can do so without embarrassment. 

OK, we’re aware, now what? 

As with many of these social awareness trends, there are components that some may miss – talking about, seeing a medical provider, or donating to one of these causes. In today’s world, with people being less connected to each other, many have embraced this type of campaign to be a part of something larger than oneself and this is likely one of the main reasons that these types of awareness activities are so popular.  

Take the time you’d spend shaving and do something else 

One of the credited founders of No-Shave November asks all those who participate to donate the money that they would have normally spent on shaving supplies to a charitable organization that specializes in men’s health causes. For those who cannot donate, the foundation suggests that participants take the time saved and use it to discuss or get screened for these conditions.  

We urge all to have a discussion with the men in their life and take the time needed, whether you shave or not, to seek wellness and protect the health and well-being of men everywhere. As someone who nearly lost a family member to one of these conditions and having seen the benefit of real activism beyond the fun of not shaving, I beg you to take an opportunity to protect your health this month. 

Dr. Bishop counsels all his patients to monitor their health and communicate with the proper professionals if there are concerns. Please consider visiting our office, located conveniently in Orem and get to know Dr. Bishop, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Utah County for your cosmetic procedures. 

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