Ways to Connect with Your Family During COVID-19

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With the rapidly-changing environment surrounding COVID-19, we find ourselves in an interesting position with all elective procedures in Utah suspended. Many of us have an abundance of time on our hands and we found some great deals that we wanted to pass along. Please note that all of the links below are not affiliate links, and we do not profit from their use. We’re just passing some ideas along to your family from ours. When all of this has gone back to normal, Dr. Bishop will be right there as one of the best plastic surgeons in Utah. 

Use video chat app(s) to stay in touch with family 

Social distancing dictates that we keep those who are at the highest risk away from others who may be carrying COVID-19. As the entire population of those 60+ are at a higher risk, many grandparents and great grandparents are isolated and lonely. Many families are using phone calls, mail, and video chats with either Facetime or Skype to stay in touch. Other favorites include Zoom and Google Hangouts, but many schools are using these apps to deliver lessons to children out of school, and this has caused some lagging issues or unresponsive pages. We like Marco Polo since it allows users to record a message for a group that doesn’t require everyone to be online at the same time. 

Play games in person and digitally 

Many Utah families are dusting off their games and enjoying them with their families. At our house, we love games of all types. As soon as the closures were announced, the kids grabbed family favorites and set them up. Puzzles are a great bet for many families. Our favorite games to play in person? San Juan (cards), Fantasy Realms (card), Castle Panic (board), and a bit too realistic – Pandemic (board). 

Facebook is a great platform to play games with friends and family remotely at all levels. It is an easy option for kids and some of the less-tech-savvy grandparents. 

Streaming deals and no-deals 

There are so many streaming companies that have amazing deals to share for folks in this crazy time and rumors of amazing deals. you can get Starz (via Prime video) 3 months for $5 each. Some people report getting an email offering Starz for 6 months for $25. We’ve seen and tested both and they work. CBS All Access is offering a free month trial rather than their customary 7-Day trial. Curiosity Stream is discounting its annual price from $19.99 to $11.99. Amazon Prime Video is offering free content for children through the Prime Video app with any Amazon account. Sling TV is offering free news and children’s programs through its app as well. 

The biggest no-deal is Netflix. There are rumors running rampant that the company is offering a free month of service or better. This is not true. However, Netflix now allows you to set up watch parties and watch movies with friends concurrently. All parties must be current subscribers. 

When all of this passes, and it will pass, Dr. Bishop will go right back to work doing Mommy Makeovers in Utah. Please reach out if there is anything that we can do to help in the meantime, and stay safe and healthy. 

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