The Circle of Motherhood

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One of the most exclusive clubs in the world is that of motherhood. Mothers everywhere can communicate with each other with a glance and can silence a group of strangers when the “mom voice” comes out. We love our mothers dearly and want to make them happy. When you are faced with an occasion in which you want to express your love and gratitude for all that she’s done for you, we came up with a list of all the things a mom wants or needs, and it comes with a common thread or two – time and appreciation.

Go easy on yourself, Mom, you’re amazing!

Another thing is common to many women of the motherhood club – they are too hard on themselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some women speak the language of self-deprecation fluently, to the point that this negative inner voice is one of the only things that they hear. In spite of being the leading provider of a Mommy Makeover in Utah, Dr. Bishop realizes that women need to be kinder to themselves and counsels his patients that plastic surgery simply is not the single answer to their well-being, no matter how badly they want their pre-baby body back.

New moms

New moms are amazing! Their ability to function on little sleep is a marvel. These women push through the long nights, frequently alone, except for their fussy infant and then keep powering through the day, making sure that everyone gets what they need. This mom needs a break, laundry done for her, another to take the night shift, meals brought in, and help with carpool, shopping, etc. She may even insist that she doesn’t want your help. Ignore her – she’s sleep deprived and delirious!

Elementary school moms

This woman has a Google Calendar full of practices, doctors’ appointments, carpools, soccer/baseball/basketball practices, music lessons, and PTA. She manages to keep track of the dietary restrictions for each of her children’s playmates, and still has room in her memory banks for neighbors’ birthdays, etc. Thing is, this woman doesn’t think that she accomplishes much during her days. She could use a thank you and a week off from it all.

Middle, Junior, and Senior High moms

Don’t let her “with it” or “nothing-can-phase-me-I’ve-seen-it-all” demeanor fool you. She may be more experienced and seasoned, but she still has a full plate. She’d love some time with you as well as time to rediscover some of those long-put-aside hobbies from all those years. This mom has the tendency to be found listening to her children as they navigate all the ins and outs of adolescence. She can frequently be heard waxing sentimental, especially as a looming graduation, etc. marches ever closer. If you are graduating and want to show Mom how much you appreciate her, you can always decorate your mortarboard with the phrase, “My mom was right,” or “Thanks, Mom!”

Too often, women are too hard on themselves and the internal language that they use would result in someone going all “Momma Griz” all over the person if they spoke the same words about their children.

Dr. Bishop and his staff are so grateful to all moms of all shapes and sizes. He’s especially honored to be considered a leading plastic surgeon in Utah County.

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