Sun Protection

 In Cosmetic Procedures

Most people love to enjoy the sun but wish to protect themselves from harmful sunburns.  Did you know most of the commercial sun screen products only protect your skin from one or maybe two of the harmful UV rays!?  There are 3 types of UV sunlight that can harm your skin, and some can burn your skin through your car or home window. In past years Zinc Oxide – yes, that white stuff you remember seeing on some noses at the pool – does block all three of the harmful types of UV rays.  Now there is a product with Zinc Oxide that blocks all harmful UV light and is clear! It also feels so good going on, you may forget you are applying sunscreen.  Come on in and visit with us to learn more about exciting ways to rejuvenate, protect, and correct skin issues! I look forward to sitting down and providing you with a complete evaluation for you to enjoy a look for your skin that you will love. Darci, our Master Aesthetician will provide a complimentary consultation of skin options for you!

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