Spring 2017

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What a tremendous spring! The weather is certainly teasing us and I fear it may still give us a run before allowing full spring to arrive. Here are some updates of what’s happening now:

We are excited as we are seeing many people who are scheduling those surgeries they have been procrastinating – and these patients will be all ready to go for outside spring activities.   We are seeing many women after losing large amounts of weight, or post childbearing with areas they are certainly unable to budge with just working out.   We have some great specials and options for financing to help you with that cash flow.

Several recent patients have been delighted with having unwanted excess skin removed and they are achieving great contour results of the abdominal, trunk area, chest and arm/ thigh areas. I have seen excellent results with a minimal scar treatment of shaping the upper inner thigh skin, which is such a problem for those struggling with that difficult area. We continue to see and help so many patients with neck and back pain from large heavy breasts – these are most often covered under insurance. Check out our Google reviews – they certainly indicate what others have experienced with us!

I was interested recently in an article by a dermatologist about the closure of skin cancer defects after MOHS surgery. Some cancers in sensitive areas- i.e. by the eyelids or near the lip line can be treated well and are worth the extra time MOHS surgery requires. Most skin cancers I treat in a single setting with closure by way of the time proven as well as latest techniques of surgery.   My 3-year plastic surgery residency was intense and focused completely on wounds, their treatment and how to close them that they look great and heal well. For questions on any changing lesion, certainly check with your primary provider, or dermatologist, but also know I would be happy to check any concerning lesions and can provide very timely and excellent care of moles, pre cancers or cancers.

Enjoy this season, and be safe! Oh – don’t forget your sunblock either.

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