Safety is Our #1 Priority

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We are seeing many patients who wish to have skin and body shape returned to that of former days. Whether it be a tummy tuck, breast surgery, liposuction, face rejuvenation, or skin care, we would be thrilled to meet you and assist you to meet your goals. Often our patients are in need of several combinations or steps to their surgeries, especially after weight loss or having children. First, we will discuss safety as this is the number one priority. Second, we will plan what is needed making sure that surgical procedures are no longer than six hours. That is the time shown in studies that complications increase. We will avoid those problems, and make a plan with you for a step-wise staged procedure outline that will keep you safe as well as accomplish your goals. Come on in and let’s talk! Looking forward to meeting you, and enjoy bagging up all those leaves!

-Jon Bishop MD

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