Nasal Surgery

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“When I was in medical school after a final, we took out our frustrations by playing 3 hours of hard basketball.  I broke my nose and found that it was displaced from it’s usual position!   Can you relate to this?”…

Nasal surgery is most often done when there is a problem with breathing.  This gives a problem with exercise and sometimes sleeping at night. These procedures are covered by insurance.

There are people who are bothered by the appearance of their nose – a large hump or a tip of the nose which is too large and broad in their view.  These procedures are paid for as a cosmetic surgery.

For those of you in either of the above categories, or both – there are excellent techniques to provide the improvement in breathing, and/or the appearance you desire and get back to normal activities quickly.  If you find yourself bothered by these problems – we can help! 

Enjoy this season and your family gatherings – they are what make summertime so fun!

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