Mammography After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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When consulting with women about breast augmentation in his Utah County practice, Dr. Bishop works to help them find the best outcome possible for their situation. One thing that often comes up is whether there is an added risk for breast cancer after breast augmentation with either the woman’s own fat tissue or with implants. Today’s breast implants are safer than ever. There are different mammography screening practices that women need to be aware of after they have breast implants.

Diagnostic mammography

For many who have a higher risk of breast cancer, their physicians recommend earlier screening mammograms than 40 years of age. To determine if you are at higher risk for breast cancer, women should speak to their doctors to establish a screening plan. A common question comes up for many women who were adopted. There is often little medical information, so women work with their doctors to analyze their risk and determine an appropriate screening regimen.

If you have breast augmentation surgery and either implants or fat injections, it is critical to follow all of your doctors’ recommendations for an appropriate screening schedule. In addition to potentially having more frequent screenings (annually rather than bi-annually) or earlier screenings, you need to inform the mammography team – scheduler and mammography technician that you have implants so that they can schedule, and image your breasts thoroughly. Guidelines have been set to offset the relative difficulty of detecting cancers in those who’ve had breast augmentation, so more images are usually taken. Many times, electing to have 3D mammography or the addition of a diagnostic ultrasound is indicated.

Should you or shouldn’t you have plastic surgery on your breasts?

This is a very personal decision and best made after looking at all options. Scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Bishop, a leading plastic surgeon in Utah County is easy and can answer all your questions about your options.

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