Making the most of your time while the kids are at school

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Once your kids start school life gets crazy. Your schedule changes dramatically, from chill summer mornings to pure chaos before school. It is time to wake up earlier, prepare lunches, get kids ready, and get everyone out the door on time. Once your kids are at school everything can slow down. You have 6 to 7 hours to get errands and chores done. While this may seem like a lot of time, in reality it goes a lot faster than you would think. Here are a fre tips to help you make the most of this time.

Make a plan
Errands can take a lot of time out of your day. If you have multiple errands to run in a week consider spreading them out and doing a few each day. Make a schedule or plan for your week. Be sure to prioritize what you need done by that week. If you have to move something to next week, make sure it is something that can be put off.

Find a playgroup
Having younger kids can make it challenging to get errands done. They need a lot of attention and time. A play group is a great way for you to get a few hours to yourself each week. A playgroup is a group of moms that come together and take turns hosting all of the kids to give the other moms a break. Having all of the kids over at your house every so often may not be fun but it will be worth all of the free time you get.

This free time can also be used to help you relax as you recover from your Plastic Surgery Utah. It is a lot easier to chill when there are no children needing you to help them every couple of minutes.

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