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Spring has finally come and summer is only a few months away. The weather is getting warmer and it is almost hot enough to put on a swimsuit and swim. It is also a great time to get that plastic or cosmetic surgery you have been thinking about. Spring is the perfect time to get that procedure. You can get the procedure, recover and heal, then look great in that bikini just as summer arrives. When thinking about getting a plastic or cosmetic procedure do some personal research to figure out what you want from it. There are different types of procedures, it all depends on what you are wanting. 


For women wanting to look close to what they did before pregnancy a mommy makeover is just what you need. A mommy makeover focused on areas of your body that have been changed by pregnancy. Main focus areas are breasts, love handles, and the stomach area. A mommy makeover can help you have more confidence in your appearance, especially when wearing a swimsuit. 


For those who have had recent massive weight loss getting a body contour can help you reduce loose skin. Unfortunately loose can not be reversed with diet and exercise. A body contour will remove excess skin to tone and flatten areas where you have loose skin. Focus areas for this procedure are breasts, stomach, back, arms, and thighs. 


Before coming to a definite decision consult with your plastic surgeon. Dr Bishop, one of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Utah, will give you a consultation and give you his thoughts. The doctor will give you his professional opinion and listen to your expectations. Together you will plan a treatment plan that works for your body. 


Once you have a date planned for the surgery, plan for your recovery. Some surgeries take longer to recover than others. Plan your calendar accordingly. The doctor will help you know what you can and can not do while recovering. 

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