It’s Wicked!

 In Cosmetic Procedures

As time seems to pass I find many patients who are interested in the effects of gravity! No, not necessarily fans of the Broadway hit musical “Wicked”, but those who are noticing in photos and in the mirror, some of the effects of time – some sagging of the skin of the jaw and neck with some banding of the neck. Skin laxity of the facial areas, around the eyes, with drooping of the upper eyelids and fullness or “bags” of the lower eyelids is also common concerns. Facial skin care can be very helpful, as well as cosmetic procedures of the eyelids, and the neck and jaw as a neck lift, or face-lift.   The procedure needs to be done by a plastic surgeon with experience. I like to tighten the deeper neck and facial muscle layer and then the skin.   This 2-pronged approach gives an excellent appearance and contour of the jaw and neckline, which literally takes one back 10-15 years. We would love to see you as a complimentary consultation and show you a customized approach for facial rejuvenation, which will be perfect for the spring and summer gatherings and reunions as well as special events such as a wedding.

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