It’s Not Worth Skin Getting Cancer – Say No to DIY Sunscreen

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Dr. Bishop, a leading plastic surgeon in Utah County is concerned by a growing trend of which he’s heard from patients, families, and friends – Do It Yourself Sunscreen. Normally, going with natural alternatives to expensive products is fine, even advised, but this one is just plain dangerous.

Don’t put your family’s skin health on the line

Perusing Pinterest, one can find hundreds of pins touting the benefits of homemade sunscreen. Most of these pins lead to posts by Mommy Bloggers who base their “research” on other Mommy Bloggers, with zero scientific background or evidence to back up their claims. We have nothing against Mommy Bloggers, in fact, Utah has a disproportionate number of Mommy Bloggers to the general population of nearly any other state. These women are hardworking and share many fabulous ideas, but this one is a bust!

According to a recent paper published by Health Communication Journal (, examined a random number of Pins on Pinterest and learned that many of these promised adequate SPF protection, while only delivering about 15 SPF ratings on average.

Recommended SPF for Utah County

With the higher altitude and UV index, using improper sun protection here in Utah can result in serious sunburn for your family. According to leading area dermatologists, you should look for a minimum SPF of 50, use lip balm with SPF to protect lips, and only use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. Many people elect for higher coverage for their children. Wearing makeup with sunscreen is a must for women and hats, sunglasses, and light clothing can protect your and your family’s skin.

Other tips

Are your children taking swim lessons or going to the pool this summer? Make sure to invest in a suit that adds SPF protection. There are reasonably priced sun shirts that can offer added peace of mind as well.

Did you know – sunscreen does expire. Of course, if you are using it every day, you should go through several bottles rather than putting it in a cupboard for the next summer excursion. Please use it religiously for your family’s sake. Impress the importance of using proper sun protection with your children. We all see kids coming home from camp (girls and scouts) with horrible sunburns. Take the time to help them see the need to protect their skin.

If you are looking for one of the best plastic surgeons in Utah, please consider Dr. Bishop. He’s always happy to help people find their best self.

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