Is Scar Revision right for you?

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Scars are some things everyone has, but some are worse than others. Some scars can become raised, discolored, or depressed. Scars that cause discomfort, irritation, or self-consciousness can be changed through getting a scar revision. Getting a scar revision can minimize a scar so it is less visible and looks like the surrounding skin. A revision can improve cosmetic appearance, restore function in the part of the body that was inhibited by the scar, or relieve the itchiness or irritation of a scar. Getting a scar revision can help you regain confidence in your appearance. While the appearance can be improved, scars cannot be removed completely. Consult your Plastic Surgeon Utah County, to see if a scar revision treatment or procedure is for you.


A few things to consider before making a definite decision are: what you want the procedure to accomplish, what kind of treatment you want, and the recovery time for the treatment. There are different treatments that vary on the type of scar you have. These different treatments include: topical treatments, minimal invasive procedures, and surgical revision. 


Topical treatments is a simple treatment for scar revision. This treatment helps with wound closure and healing. It can also reduce irregular pigmentation of the skin. This treatment can be in the form of a gel or tape. This treatment can be used on existing scars and on healing scars. When doing a topical treatment follow your doctor’s instructions exactly to get the best results. 


Minimally invasive and surgical revisions are procedures that remove scar tissue to improve cosmetic look. This procedure is commonly used for scars that will not respond to topical treatments. The result of this procedure will make scars smaller and less visible. After the procedure the area around your scar may swell, discolo, and cause discomfort. This will last for one to two weeks. The scar will take weeks to completely heal. As the scar heals it will fade and refine to become smaller and less noticeable than the original scar. 


A scar revision can take some time to be fully seen, as your scar will need to heal. The healing period can take from a few weeks to a year, as your scar fades and becomes less visible. 


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