Is ear pinning right for your child?

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Ear pinning, also referred to as otoplasty, is a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery that reduces the size of larger ears or draws ears closer towards the head. It can also fix the appearance and sound gathering ability of ears changed by an injury or birth defect. Otoplasyt is performed on both ears to create symmetry. This surgery helps children and adults have more confidence in their appearance. Getting an otoplasty done earlier in a child’s life can help them avoid teasing and riduce from their peers. 


Otoplasty can be performed any time after the ears are fully developed, usually after the age of four or five. Because the ears are fully formed surgery will not affect the way they work, as surgery would with other parts of the body. Childhood is a critical time for emotional development, getting an ear pinning surgery can help your children avoid unnecessary teasing for their appearance. Help your child build confidence, while knowing you will not have to stress about teasing at school. 


Younger children have young tissues that are easier to mold and reshape, when compared to adult tissue. This means having otoplasty surgery done as a child is more advantageous for the patient. Getting the surgery as an adult is also an option, but your ears will be less pliable. 


Risks associated with otoplasty are risk of bleeding, a reaction to the anesthesia, and infection. Other risks are asymmetrical ears, overcorrection, or problems with the stitches. 


Recovery includes wearing bandages that hold the ears down for about a week. After this patients wear nightly elastic ear bands to keep ears in place. Your child may feel uncomfortable or itch. Antibiotics and pain relievers will be prescribed, and should only be used as prescribed. If your child dislikes taking pills or has trouble taking pills, mention this to the doctor before the surgery to see what options are available for your child. Try to help your child not sleep on their side as this, to keep pressure off their ears. Ask your Plastic Surgeon Utah County doctor about what kind of stitches they used, some dissolve over time while others will need to be removed. 


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