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Have you been looking into having a plastic surgery procedure done? Think you know everything there is to know about plastic surgery? We at Jon Bishop MD in Utah want our patients to be thoroughly informed of all of the ins and outs of the procedures. We also though it might be fun to give you some interesting facts about plastic surgery as well.

* Ancient Egyptians Performed Cosmetic Surgery On The Dead

The Egyptians believed that a person would look the same in the afterlife as they did in this world and so they made alterations for enhancing their prominent features. According to them, it would later help people in recognizing their loved ones in the afterlife.

* Nose Jobs have a Long History

The first ever nose job was done in India around the year 600 B.C. During the operation, skin was removed from other parts of the body for the purpose of reshaping the nose.

* Roman Soldiers Underwent Cosmetic Surgery

In ancient Rome, soldiers were concerned about the scars for completely different reasons altogether. The brave and manly soldiers wanted to remove them because it wasn’t a badge of honor but instead, a sign they had turned their back during battle and had been struck by the enemy. As a result, many Romans opted for surgery in order to remove this mark of shame.

* Advances In Technology Are Changing Cosmetic Surgery

Technological research and innovation has had a major impact on the cosmetic surgery industry. It has undeniably made the procedures safer and less invasive. There is a wide range of changes and alterations that can now be made to a person’s face or body without them having to undergo the knife or the needle. New tools have been introduced for doing these procedures in safe and painless ways.

* The First Breast Augmentation Wasn’t For Aesthetic Reasons

The first ever breast augmentation surgery was not performed for vanity reasons. A singer in Germany underwent the procedure after having a growth removed. The offending growth was on her back and was removed during the surgery and transplanted to her breast.

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