Getting your kids through the last month of school

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May is here with its warm weather and the end of the school year. This is a super exciting time for kids as they are almost free to do whatever they want for the summer. The excitement in the air can make it hard to settle your kids down to go to school, do their homework, and get to bed on time. Instead of getting all of this done you may find yourself running late to get them to school, forgetting about their homework, and finding your kids still awake well past bedtime. This time of year does not have to be stressful. Here are some tips to help your month go smoothly.


Having a schedule can structure your month and help everyone know what is happening. A schedule will set expectations for what your children need to be doing. Any lessons, playdates, major homework assignments, and other important events can be put on a schedule everyone can see. You can know what is planned for on any given day. The kids can see what major events are coming up and be aware of their own lessons and other activities. 


Make it a goal to have your kids in bed by a certain time each night. This bedtime can vary depending on your kids’ ages. Getting to bed by bedtime will make your nights easier. After all the kids are in bed you can get other work done or have some time to relax. The mornings will also go smoother as your kids will not be exhausted and wish to stay in bed. Instead of being sluggish they can be well rested and get ready for school quicker. 


Recovery from a Mommy Makeover Utah can make it harder to manage your kids. These tips can help you stay organized and structured. Your kids can be more independent as they will know what is expected of them and what lessons and activities they need to be at.


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