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Losing a massive amount of weight can be a big confidence booster for many people. They look better, are healthier, and can feel great about their appearance. The weight is lost from diet and exercise but the loose skin from that excess weight does not go away with that regiment. Skin that is baggy like this has lost the elasticity to tighten back up again after the weight loss. Undergoing a body contouring procedure will get rid of this excess skin, which will flatten and tone the loose areas. 


Feel good about your appearance. Having that loose skin can still make you feel self conscious about your appearance. Regaining that confidence with a body contour can empower you. You have worked so hard to lose that weight through diet, exercise, or both. It is never an easy process but you worked hard and achieved your goal. Now to get that toned and flattened look you can get a body contour to compliment all that hard work. Enjoy your hard work, and getting a body contour can give you that extra boost of confidence in your appearance.  


Everyone gains and loses weight differently because of this there are different combinations of procedures to achieve the look you want. The different procedures are: a tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift, buttocks lift or belt, thigh lift, or the removal of excess skin from the chest/back. When you decide to do a body contour talk to your Plastic Surgeon Utah County. Your surgeon will meet with you and talk with you about your options. They will tell you if you are eligible for the surgeries, have you tell them what combination of surgeries you want, what the recovery will look like, how much time to recovery is estimated to be, and if you will get all of the procedures at once or if they will be spaced out. 


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