Fact and Myths About Redheads and Medical Procedures

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If you are one of the rare individuals who has a genetic mutation on the MC1R gene, you surely know about the many differences between those with ginger locks vs. the rest of the population. Redheads everywhere rejoiced when images released of the latest member of the royal family, Archie Sussex, son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Megan Markle, seems to be sporting red hair just like his father.

What causes red hair?

The mutation that causes a person to be born with red hair is rare, with redheads only accounting for 1-2 percent of the global population, the majority of whom live in the northern hemisphere. In fact, did you know that until the mid-to-late 1950s, parents looking to adopt a child had to indicate if they would accept this “disability” in a child? Nuts, isn’t it?

More anesthetic and more pain – true or false?

Being sandwiched between a redheaded mother and daughter in my family tree, I have seen so many anecdotal stories about redheads being true. (If you were ever wondering, it is not appropriate to call your mother a carrot top. Wouldn’t recommend it at all.)

When you are considering a visit to Dr. Bishop, a leading plastic surgeon in Utah County, and are a ginger, it is nice to know which commonly-held beliefs about redheads and surgeries are backed scientifically and those that are not.

Many talk of redheads needing more anesthetic when having a procedure as well as their increased sensation of pain. This has been demonstrated by numerous studies. Along the same vein is that while redheads need higher doses of anesthetic, they need lower dosage of pain relief from opiates. Understanding the safe dosage levels of these drugs is important so that you will have the best results post op.

With genetic roots in Ireland and Scotland, scientists have found a genetic predisposition to addiction in the genetic makeups of those descending from the Irish and Scottish. If you have red hair and are seeing Dr. Bishop for procedure and have a history of addictions in your family, please let him know so that he can help you receive proper and appropriate pain relief without putting you at risk for developing a dependency to an opiod pain killer.

Do redheads bleed more or scar more easily?

Some of the common myths associated with having copper locks, as related to surgery or medical procedures have not been substantiated scientifically, such as that redheads bleed more than those with differently-colored tresses as well as the increased scarring for redheads following a procedure. Results from experiments on clotting times and the predisposition of scarring did not support these common anecdotal claims, although some people with red hair do have both of these tendencies.

If you are concerned about anything regarding your procedure, please ask Dr. Bishop. This allows you to have greater peace of mind as well as improve your overall satisfaction with your results after having a Mommy makeover in Utah or other procedure.

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