Easy ways to stay connected during these strange times

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Being at home these past eight months has been hard. There has been a lot less social interaction. You might have or are recovering from a Tummy Tuck Utah. It can be challenging to find a way to stay in constant contact with friends and family. Even though you are unable to see them in real life there are so many ways to stay connected and a part of their life. 


Use technology

We are lucky to live in a time where there is so much technology available. There are ways to communicate with anyone from around the world. You can make video calls, send text messages, video messages, etc… Schedule a time that works for both of you, so there will not be any interruptions or distractions that can be avoided. Having kids can make this difficult so talking during school or nap time would probably be the best time. This way even if you can not visit face to face you can still see their face and have a conversation. 


Maintain social distancing while visiting

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with lighter restrictions and you have the ability to leave your home, make plans and go see someone. See if someone wants to go exercise or go on a walk with you. You can get fresh air and social interaction. Make sure you are staying safe and following your states/country’s social distancing guidelines. Go and sit outside in your front or backyard and enjoy eachothers company. 


Have an online discussion

Many people have used quarantine as an opportunity to immerse themselves in their favorite stories through reading, writing, or watching a television show or movie. Search for and find a virtual or online group of people who share a common interest with you. This can be a good change in your normal routine, mix things up a bit. 





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