Do You Need a Breast Reduction?

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While many cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Bishop, long recognized as a one of the best plastic surgeons in Utah, are not covered by many insurance plans, there are a few that with varying degrees of work with preauthorizations that may qualify as a covered procedure. While many women visit Dr. Bishop for breast augmentation, there are those who are looking for reduction. Back, neck, and shoulder pain can be chronic for women with large breasts.

Reducing the breast tissue can do wonders to relieve the pain and embarrassment of breasts that are too large for your frame. For some who are genetically “blessed” with large breasts, their breast tissue can not only cause pain and embarrassment, but their breasts can impede their daily activities. Teens with very large breasts can have difficulty sitting in their desks at school, for example.

For many, trying a non-surgical option is their first step to deal with their large breasts. Using a minimizing bra or a very strong sports bra can help for those with cup sizes up to DD. If you are larger than that, these efforts will likely be ineffective. An important note, some people try binding their breasts with a wrap of some sort. Doing so with an Ace bandage for long term can damage your beast tissue as well as your ribs and cause muscular damage.

Along with genetics, excessive weight gain can result in a woman’s breasts growing significantly larger. One of the common guidelines for insurance approval of a breast reduction can be based upon the woman’s BMI, past attempts at weight loss, or the volume of her breasts, between 1 and 4 pounds is often the guideline for insurance approval.

Of course, all policies are different, so if you are in doubt about your covered benefits, you should talk to your insurance company or come in for a consultation with Dr. Bishop and visit with his experienced insurance billing team, who are experts at helping patients maximize their health insurance benefits.

Whether you are looking for breast reduction or breast augmentation in Utah County, Dr. Bishop can help. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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