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When the procedure Mommy Makeover is said it can mean more than just one surgery or one type of surgery. This type of procedure is a customizable breast and body contouring procedure that you chose. Your body has changed from being a teen to a full adult and then going through childbirth and raising children. These normal life milestones can change a woman’s body, and you can lose confidence in your appearance after childbirth and breastfeeding. This is where getting a Mommy Makeover can help. You get to choose what you want to regain confidence in your body. 


Some common issues women have after having children is droopy breasts, loss of breast shape and volume, looseness of abdominal skin, and other changes to their bodies. Not all women experience the same changes after children. Each body is different, and everyone’s opinion on what they would like to have their body look like. 


Consult with your Mommy Makeover Utah plastic surgeon to discuss what you wish to change and have worked on. Your doctor will talk with you and tell you about what procedures are offered. There are a variety of ways a Mommy Makeover could be done. Once you have explained to your doctor what you want, your doctor will come up with a personalized set of procedures to help you achieve the look you want. 


Recovery time will vary by person because of the different ways a mommy makeover can be done. The number of procedures you get may also influence your overall recovery time. Individual procedures require about a week of recovery time, with four to six weeks of activity. For more than one procedure your recovery time will be around two to three weeks, with six weeks before you should do more than limited activity. 


A mommy makeover can restore your confidence in your body. 

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