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Cosmetic face procedures can be performed to keep you looking young and your best. You might think of Dr Jones as a Mommy Makeover Utah doctor but he can do some much more. 

Dr. Jones offers a variety of surgeries like face lifts, neck lifts, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, and ear pinning. Look years younger and regain your confidence. 


Face lift

Gravity and other factors can make skin start to sag, fat deposits develop around the neck, and creases from around the mouth and nose. A face lift will not stop the aging process but it can turn back the clock and make your face look younger. This is accomplished by removing any excess fat, tightening muscles,  lifting deep facial tissue, and smoothing deep fold. 


Neck lifts

Neck lifts are also referred to as Platysmaplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure that removes any excess fat from the neck area to get rid of wrinkles. The result will be having a slimmer profile and looking years younger.


Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery, often called Blepharoplasty, repairs droopy eyelids. Many people get this cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons but sometimes the drooping can be bad enough it interferes with your vision. This is achieved by removing skin, fat, and muscle. 


Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is also called Rhinoplasty. It is essentially a nose job. This plastic surgery alters and reconstructs the nose. A reconstructive surgery is used to restore the form and function of the nose. While cosmetic surgery changes the appearance of the nose. 


Ear pinning

Ear pinning is a type of otoplasty. It corrects protruding ears. Skin and cartilage may be removed along with permanent stitches to pin the ear back. Many people get this surgery for aesthetic reasons.

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