Clothing shopping after a breast reduction

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Getting a breast reduction is a big decision in a person’s life. It could be because they are experiencing chronic pain, breathing problems, or it could simply be because someone wants it to improve their confidence in themselves. Having big breasts can make a person uncomfortable and getting a breast reduction can relieve some strain from their back and neck. It can also cause confidence issues as clothing may not fit the way you want them to. Consult with your Plastic Surgeon Utah County to discuss your options. They will tell you what will happen during the procedure, what the results will look like, and other important details. 


An exciting activity that you can do before or after your procedure is go buy new clothing. There may be types of shirts that you were uncomfortable to wear before but after the reductions you may like and feel cute in. There is a wide variety of styles that are available and you can redo and revamp your wardrobe. Buying a couple of better fitting items for your recovery may be something to look into. Getting a good sports bra for recovery is suggested, for better support. 


It will take time for your breasts to settle into their new shape. There may be swelling and bruising after the procedure that will go away after a couple of weeks. Because of these recovery symptoms you may want to hold off on shopping for new clothing until you have a better idea of what your breast shape will be. Once your breasts have begun settling you can explore new possibilities of how to dress, as clothing will fit better now. Because of the incision placement you may even be able to wear lower cut shirts and styles. 


Gaining back some confidence in your appearance is important, and getting a breast reduction may be just the procedure you need to do that.

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