Cancer free summer!

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As spring and summer approach – hopefully they will arrive!! – Some common sense precautions as you get out into the sun. Wear sun block daily (SPF 15) any brand you like with SPF 30 or more for swimming and outdoor sun exposure activities. When swimming, reapply often especially over the face and chest where cancers are more common, especially on the nose, lips and cheeks.

There are several things to be aware of when choosing a plastic surgeon. I would like to share several things that may be helpful in order of importance:


  1. Most reliable is a reference from a friend or your physician. This lets you know that the doctor is reputable, and has done the procedure in question as well as achieving a level of approval from your friend or physician that saves much time on line, or visiting different offices.
  1. Pay attention to the procedure you are requesting and ask the nurse, receptionist, or    the physician them self about how many of a certain procedure they perform and about the results. Before and after photos are ok but can be deceiving.
  1. Check whether the doctor is board certified and is that board a reputable board or just “junk” board.
  1. Notice how you feel during the doctor consultation. You should feel connected and very good about the surgeon and the office as well as the suggested procedure.


Plastic surgery is exciting and enjoyable to see how people feel after being freed from cancer, relieved from pain or deformities as well as receiving help to feel more normal after unwanted changes in their body. We wish you a wonderful spring. If you have questions we might help with contact us. It is a perfect time to move forward with cosmetic surgery and be recovered by the time full spring decides to come!

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