Can you relate to this?

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Sun is so fun to feel on our skin, especially after a long winter!  The lady in front of me had been through enough winters, that now she was feeling that her face was full of scaly, red and varied colors over her skin.  She was not a smoker, and her skin was not hanging such that she needed a plastic surgery facelift procedure.  She did want to “rejuvenate” her face.  

We sat together and discussed her skin care, unique to her skin type.  The plan included skin care topically as well as a fractionated CO2 laser as an outpatient.  We were both thrilled later, as she passed through the post op “red” phase and her skin was looking smooth and even in color and texture.   I loved her “Ausie” accent as she told me that now her husband felt much older than she!   Smile, and enjoy the sun – with sunblock!

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