Body Image and Cosmetic Surgery in Utah County

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It is very important to Dr. Bishop, long-recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in Utah, that his patients undergo their procedures with the best possible outcomes possible. There are two intrinsically-interwoven aspects to cosmetic surgery – physical and emotional. A person’s body image comes greatly into play when they are contemplating plastic surgery. In order to have the best outcome possible, it is important to examine your relationship with your body and take steps, if necessary, to improve your body image before and after your procedure.

Avoid self-deprecating remarks about your body

Gain a few pounds over the holidays? This doesn’t make you ugly, unworthy, or a terrible person. It makes you a person. Saying negative things about your body is harmful to your psychological well-being. When your children hear this type of comment about your body, they internalize it and begin developing body image issues which affect their self-esteem.

Avoid unhealthy attitudes or social messages about your body

Did you know that a long-standing tradition for the Royal Family is to have to weigh themselves before and after eating their Christmas meal? This originated to “gauge” if they had eaten enough. I can’t imagine anything more demeaning.

Try to avoid messages that make you feel negatively towards your body. You know which ones are toxic to you – social media, television or movies, popular magazines, etc.

Focus on the positive things that your body can do

Rather than looking for and concentrating on the areas that you feel negatively about, think about your body and all that you can do. For one of his more popular procedures, a “mommy makeover,” Utah Valley moms can ease some of the more difficult lingering physical effects of pregnancy and giving birth. The very name of the procedure celebrates that these changes came as a result of your being a mother. That is worth celebrating, isn’t it?

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