Body Contouring

For many people who have lost large amounts of weight, whether by traditional weight loss methods or bariatric surgery, the physical problems continue even once the fat is lost. Losing significant amounts of fat can often leave skin sagging in areas such as the arms, abdomen and thighs. Dr. Bishop offers his patients customized body contouring after massive weight loss procedures to help tighten and tone skin.


The goal of the body contouring procedure is to remove excess skin and tissue that are often left behind after massive weight loss. The surgery is for those who are now at a stable or healthy weight but are struggling with skin that has lost enough elasticity to prevent the skin from tightening back up on its own. Loose skin is not a problem that can be reversed with diet and exercise, so a person will need to undergo body contouring surgery to flatten and tone areas of loose or hanging skin.

Your body contouring after massive weight loss surgery with Dr. Bishop will consist of a combination of procedures to reduce excess skin throughout your body. Your surgery may include:

During your consultation, Dr. Bishop will carefully analyze your condition and listen to your expectations in order to formulate an effective treatment plan.

Surgery will vary greatly from patient to patient based on what you and Dr. Bishop have discussed. Your body contouring procedure can be performed with the individual surgeries performed as a combination surgery, or Staged throughout time. Each surgery is designed to improve your skin’s firmness and appearance in their specific areas (the abdomen, breasts/chest, back, arms and thighs).

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Body Contouring Surgery Recovery

The recovery period from your procedure will depend on which individual surgeries were performed. Having your procedure done in one surgery can help minimize recovery time and is just as safe as having individual surgeries. You will need to wear special compression garments for some time in order to help your skin to heal properly and to reduce the risk of swelling. Dr. Bishop will provide you with more in-depth care instructions to help you along your healing process.

If you’re ready to let go of all the skin left over from your massive weight loss, call our Orem office to schedule a private body contouring consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jon Bishop.

  • “There are no words to express how grateful I am for all you've done for me. I was a bit nervous at first, but after meeting you, I felt so confident in placing myself in your talented hands. I am pleased beyond my wildest imagination with what you were able to accomplish. But even more, I am very grateful for your special care before and after my surgery, as well as your sincere desire to make this a positive experience. It has been five months since my surgery date. I am so happy with my results. I constantly get comments from people. I am no longer so self conscious about the way I look. I feel great. Few doctors would care about their patients as much as you do. I deeply appreciate what you have done for me. You have made a world of difference. Thank you.”

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