Spring Specials

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It has been nice to feel a hint of spring. As the season moves forward, we are excited to mention of one of this season specials for cosmetic surgery– abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck”, the term most are familiar with. We know there are many of you who have struggled with weight loss; especially after childbirth and it seems that even with exercise the abdominal muscles and skin just don’t seem to cooperate!   We invite you to come in and visit for a plastic surgery consultation that is complimentary. You will find this very informative and will leave with exact prices in hand, a complete understanding of the excellent results, the safety and recovery efficiency that we provide with this and all of our plastic surgery procedures. We would like to invite you to bring your spouse or significant other, as this is an important “team” effort. I have been so impressed with the care given through the recovery process by a spouse, mother, mother in law, or sister.

The timing right now is perfect to prepare for the warmer months, and we also are offering an extra incentive for those that schedule within 3 days of their consultation. Plastic surgery and rejuvenation procedures are offered at our office by and we know that you will feel very comfortable with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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