Non-Surgical Options


It’s a proven fact that products containing three key antioxidant vitamins – A, C and E, as well as the nutrient Niacin – can accelerate cell turnover.

Vitamin A is beneficial in multiple ways, especially for stimulation of collagen growth. Vitamin C and E are super-charged rejuvenators, and the nutrient Niacin acts as a type of damage control. Together these components can rejuvenate skin by activating the cells that create collagen and elastin. When combined in a product, they can effectively treat signs of premature aging. NIA24™ products contain several of these potent ingredients. When used in a daily skin care regimen, NIA24 can help you reverse signs of aging such as wrinkles, loose skin and age spots.

  • “I never would have considered plastic surgery until after I had my children. Afterwards, I wanted to feel as I did before my children. Dr. Bishop was one of the several plastic surgeons I consulted regarding my surgery. He was by far the most caring and concerned physician I had seen. He listened to what I wanted to accomplish from this surgery. The end result was more than I could have imagined. I feel wonderful. His staff was so friendly and accommodating. I felt so confident having him as my doctor. He is the only one I would refer to my friends and family.”